Art program OSTROVA.ART.
Together with the country club "Ershov Islands" we created art programs OSTROVA.ART.
This is a 5-day program for non-professional artists and families with children "Art-residence". And the program for the weekend "Art Weekend".

Families with children, creative people who want to realize themselves in new forms of art, guests of the Islands who are looking for new ways to release creative energy are invited to participate in the programs.

Each program has a theme and direction in terms of material or way of self-expression. For example, "mad saw" - working with wood, "metall musi" - welding and metal processing, land art, ceramics, installations and objects in the natural environment.

Leading programs are professional sculptors, ceramists, architects with many years of experience in international projects and symposiums on sculpture and contemporary art.

The programs include a visit to the sculpture park, a tour and lectures on contemporary art. Three meals a day, boats, stand-up boards and a sauna (optional).
For detailed information on the schedule of programs, cost and terms, leave a request and we will contact you.
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