Guild of Modern

We create custom sculptures from sand, hay, ice, snow, wood and other materials.
We create custom sculptures from sand, hay, ice, snow, wood and other materials.
Guild of Modern
About us
We are a community of creative people united by the idea of ​​creating modern sculpture.
Most of the projects are made from materials such as snow, ice, sand, which allows you to create impressive compositions in a short time, show imagination and creativity, surprise and interest the viewer. In addition, we work with more traditional materials: stone, wood, metal.
We are also interested in other types of modern sculpture, and in general art. The work of the Guild is aimed at supporting new projects, young sculptors and artists, as well as organizing large-scale events, festivals, promotional projects. Creation of expositions, exhibitions, installations.

Registration of participation

seasonal decoration of restaurants with sculptures, summer terraces, furniture and interior items

We work with different materials:
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Land art festival OSTROVA

The Guild of Contemporary Sculpture mixed with the country club "Ershov Islands" tried the land art festival "Islands" September 28 - October 3, 2020. As a result of the work, a park of sculptures and sculptural compositions made from natural materials appeared on the islands. 20 artists and architects from all over Russia, 12 installations, a fire show, a collective art object, master classes, lectures, film screenings.

Art programs OSTROVA.ART.
Together with the country club "Ershov Islands" we created art programs OSTROVA.ART.
This is a 5-day program for non-professional artists and families with children "Art-residence". And the program for the weekend "Art Weekend".

In the summer of 2022, together with Ksyusha Kinsler, the host of children's programs, we held a children's art camp without adults at the site of the Ershov Islands country club.

During the week the children studied nature and art, psychology and relationships, materials and techniques. And all this through games, classes, workshops and trainings.

If you have any questions or want to order a sculpture - leave a request and we will promptly contact you.
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